Monday, March 22, 2010


Have you been trying to lose weight, but is not successful or tired of yo-yoing weight. Don’t give up. Follow following steps to keep you on track and accountable:
Weighing yourself
Weigh in is very important and keeps you accountable. Write your weight on the back of your journal marked with date and time. Weigh yourself every week on the same day of the week and time you did your first weigh in.

Don’t get disappointed if you don’t see any changes in first three weeks. It take time for the body to get use to your new schedule and you will see some changes in your body soon. Even if you are not loosing weight but loosing inches off your body, it is a good sign. Think positive.
Get a journal
Write everything you eat and drink through out the day in your journal. By tracking down everything you eat, you can analyze your food types.

  • Helps you track your high fat and junk food intake.
  • Helps in planning ahead for your meals.
  • Keeps you accountable.
Update your kitchen
Stock your kitchen with healthy foods. Keep junk food away including cookies, chips, muffins, croissants, danishes, or any other high-fat or fried food.

Few tips:
  • Divide each high fat items into its own portion size and then bag each portion size in snack size bags (ziplock snack size bags) and keep the big bags away out of reach. Pre-portioned serving bags are also handy to give it to the kids for snack without putting your hands into the big bag. Keeping you away from temptation.
  • Keep healthy alternatives of food visible and handy.
  • Keep measuring spoons at easy reach.
  • Keep lot of spices handy to flavor your food. Few of them are chili flakes, extracts—vanilla, lemon, rose, or fruity essence, dried basil, bay leaf, ground cumin and cinnamon.
Eating out
Eating out is good until you control your portions and make right choices. 

Few tips:
  • Portions sizes in restaurants are really big. Avoid this, by asking the waiter to divide your entrée into half and bag the other half for to go. 
  • Avoid appetizers or make appetizers your meal.
  • Ask the waiter to make your entrée with less oil or no oil.
  • Avoid creamy or white sauces.
  • Ask for Whole wheat tortilla or pasta, if the restaurant offer it.
Portion Control
Is another important tool to lose weight. It is very important control the portion size of your meal. If you are eating more than your body needs then you will gain weight.
  • Helps you lose weight.
  • Make your tummy feels light and have better digestion.
  • Less heart burns from overeating.
Everyone of us knows the benefits of exercising but still make excuses for not doing it. In order to lose weight, make this a priority. At least, 20 - 30 minutes of exercises a day can reap you the benefits of loosing weight.
Few tips for home or office:
  • More toning of your body and less cramps.
  • Lose weight and inches of your body.
  • Makes you active and increase your body’s metabolism.
  • Better health and lab results.

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  1. This was very informative and good for pepping those up who have lost again and again on trying to lose weight, including me. Keep up the good effort, it counts and helps.