Friday, August 27, 2010


Serves: 4
Serving size: 1 Wrap
WW points: 4 pt
4 La Tortilla Factory tortillas (Large size - Low carb)
2 Cup Salad (any greens)
1 Cup Garbanzo/Chick Peas
2 Tbsp Light sun-dried tomato italian dressing
2 Tbsp Lime Juice
1 Tbsp Scallions (Minced)
1 Tbsp Fresh Cilantro (Chopped)
1 Tbsp Water
1/2 Cup Tomatoes
1/2 Avocado (Thinly Sliced)
Preparation for tortillas
Slightly warm the tortillas in microwave covered with damp cloth or warm them on the griddle.
Preparation for dressing
Mix the dressing with fresh cilantro, lime juice, scallions, water, and salt and pepper to taste.

  1. Place one tortilla on a cutting board and layer it with 1/2 Cup salad, 1/4 cup garbanzo beans, few slices of tomato, and 1/4 serving of thinly sliced avocados. 
  2. Wrap the tortilla so one end of the wrap is open. See below on how to wrap.
  3. Pour about 1 1/2 Tbsp of prepared dressing through the opening.
  4. Serve cold or warm with a side of Mango Walnut Salad (1 pt).
Healthy alternatives
  • Used dried garbanzo beans, soak them overnight, and boil them in the morning to desired softness
    Using dried beans instead of canned beans will help in reducing intake of extra sodium that is canned with the beans to retain freshness.
This wrap is really filling with lots of fiber and is full of flavors to satisfy your taste buds. For an added punch you can also add pickled Jalapenos. 
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