Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Stress in life is very common now a days but is not healthy for us. Don’t let stress eat your health. We are so busy at work all day and later are tied with family chores and activities. We don’t get much downtime. We need some time to unwind ourselves, otherwise worries and issues piles up and blends into STRESS beautifully without our knowledge. Most of us don’t even recognize that we are in stress and some don’t want to acknowledge that.
Don’t let the environment and activities stress you out completely. Find ways which makes you more happy and content.
Advantages of being stress free:
  • Will appreciate yourself and will be more happy.
  • Will enjoy activities around you.
  • Will have control over your thinking and will feel more content.
  • Won’t do binge eating, therefore will not gain weight.
  • Will have healthy mind, body, and soul — away from common health issues that are seen now days, such as thyroid, cholesterol, and diabetes.
Following are few ideas of downtime:
  • Take 10 minutes break between every 2 work hours. Go for a stroll outside the building, look outside the window, or walk to your friends cube. This helps your eyes to focus at things at a distance which further promotes healthy eyes.
  • Take 1 hr break in between your 8 working hours. May be switching your lunch hour to exercise hour and eat lunch at desk. Use that hour a the gym at work, or go for a long walk. Researchers says that walking is the best exercise. It flex one’s muscles and relaxes your mind.
  • Try and get some yoga classes at least twice or thrice per week. Yoga is considered really helpful in controlling stress.
  • Listen to the music and sing along. Singing helps to release the stress bit by bit, shifting your focus from troubling issues to happy moments. This will sure put a smile on your face.
  • As spring is approaching we have more daylight, so if you have kids take them to the park after school and run and play with them. This will also give you more time with kids and giggles.
Remember, what ever you do keep that smile on your face. Enlightening others and lighten yourself.
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